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Dental Implants

Lifetime Tooth Replacement

Dealing with tooth loss every day is a burden, both physically and mentally, but our practice offers a way to put it behind you…permanently. Dental implants are the most complete tooth replacement option available today, helping patients recover their smiles and confidence using custom-designed, state-of-the-art prosthetics. If you live in the Colleyville area, you can get this amazing treatment right here at Cassie Allison, DDS, and we promise you’ll enjoy the benefits for decades to come. To learn more and schedule a consultation, contact us today.

Man and woman smiling after dental implant tooth replacement

Why Choose Cassie Allison, DDS
for Dental Implants?

What is a Dental Implant?

Model smile with dental implant supported dental crown

A dental implant isn’t a prosthetic tooth, but rather an artificial tooth root made of titanium that is placed directly into the jawbone. There, it bonds with the surrounding bone just like an actual root, and then it’s topped with a restoration, such as a crown, bridge, or denture. This two-part construction allows implants to provide benefits you just can’t get with other treatments.

The 4 Step Dental Implant Process

Dentist showing patient a dental implant model

Every dental implant procedure is different, but the same four steps are always followed: initial consultation, dental implant surgery, osseointegration, and delivery of the final restoration. Once we have approved you for the implant procedure, we will refer you to one of our trusted local specialists to complete the implant placement surgery. After a few months of healing, you’ll return to our office to have your new teeth attached to your titanium roots. This team-based approach ensures that our patients receive the highest level of care throughout the implant process, and we’ll do everything we can to make your journey to your new smile as smooth as possible. To better understand how dental implants work in Colleyville, review the information below and contact us with any questions.

Initial Dental Implant Consultation

Dental implant consultation in Colleyville

Meeting with your implant dentist in Colleyville is the first step because not all patients are eligible to receive dental implants. It is during this initial visit that Dr. Allison will evaluate your oral and overall health using advanced dental technology. She’ll also look to see if your jawbone is dense enough to support your new teeth. Based on her findings, you may be required to undergo one or more preliminary treatments (i.e., bone grafting, periodontal therapy, tooth extraction).

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery in Colleyville

Partnering with the best local surgeons in the area, you will arrive for your oral procedure and receive local anesthesia to numb your mouth. Within minutes, the surgeon will make incisions in your gum tissue to expose the underlying bone. Carefully placing each dental implant, they will position it to ensure maximum support before closing the gum tissue and sending you home to recover.

Dental Implant Osseointegration/Abutment

Dental implant parts in Colleyville

The recovery phase of treatment typically lasts between 3-6 months. It is necessary that osseointegration occurs during this time, as the dental implants in Colleyville must fuse with the bone to guarantee a stable and firm foundation. While allowing your bone and gums to heal properly, you’ll be expected to follow strict guidelines regarding how to maintain your oral health, what you can eat and which foods to avoid, and which bad habits you should consider giving up.

Once you are fully healed, you’ll return to have your metal abutments put into place. These connect to your implants and make it possible for your customized restoration to be easily secured.

Delivery of Dental Implant Restorations

Couple with dental implants in Colleyville

The last step in the dental implant process is to receive your finalized restoration. Dental crowns, bridges, and dentures can be created by skilled lab technicians. Dr. Allison will provide unique specifications to ensure your new teeth look and feel completely natural when attached. They will blend in nicely with your existing smile, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable with your improved appearance. Not to mention, you’ll regain your oral function, making eating, speaking, and smiling much easier.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Animated dental implant tooth replacement components

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Man with missing tooth compared to dental implant shade

Our team can use implants to help patients dealing with any degree of tooth loss. After giving you an exam to confirm that your jawbone is healthy and thick enough to support new roots, we’ll go over your various replacement options and help you select the one that best fits your situation.

Animated dental implant supported dental crown placement

Missing Single Tooth

A dental implant can be placed between two healthy teeth and topped with a crown without disturbing the nearby dental structure at all. Better yet, we’ll make sure this crown matches the rest of your smile perfectly. 

Animated dental implant supported fixed bridge placement

Missing Multiple Teeth

You don’t have to get a separate implant for each missing tooth. Instead, a small number can be used to bring back several teeth at once by attaching a bridge or partial denture directly to the jawbone.

Model implant supported denture

Missing All Teeth

Need a new denture? Tired of your current one never staying in place? Just four to six implants are all that’s needed to anchor a full denture and give you a set of teeth you never have to worry about again. In addition to a better fit, implant dentures are also smaller than removable ones, meaning it will be easier to speak and taste the foods you love. 

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

$100 bills and dental implant

Everyone deserves to have a complete smile; however, you have probably heard dental implants are expensive. Believe it or not, they are more affordable than you might realize. Various factors affect the cost of dental implants in Colleyville, like the number of teeth you are missing. We’ll provide you with a personalized estimate and explain your payment options during your consultation. We have the solutions you need to invest in dental implants without spending your life’s savings.

Preliminary Treatments & Dental Implant Surgery

Empty dental chair at implant dentist in Colleyville

Every situation differs, so there’s not a pre-determined rate for dental implants. Your implant dentist in Colleyville will examine your mouth to create an individualized strategy to rebuild your smile. Although every case is unique, most treatment plans include:

  • Preliminary Procedures: It’s common to need additional procedures, such as gum disease therapy, tooth extractions, or bone grafting.
  • Placement Surgery: Sedation or anesthesia will keep you comfortable while a dental implant is surgically placed into your jawbone.
  • Number of Teeth: The more teeth you’ll be treating, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Materials: Focus on the quality of the materials instead of the cost to ensure your investment lasts.

We are transparent about the fees included in your estimate, so you’ll know exactly what you will have to pay before committing to anything.

The Parts of Your Dental Implant

Model showing parts of a dental implant

If you’re missing several teeth, each one isn’t replaced individually. Instead, a specific number of posts are used to support a bridge or crown. You’ll have to pay for each part of your implants, which include:

  • Implant posts
  • Abutments
  • Restoration

How Dental Implants Can Save You Money

Black piggy bank and loose coins

Your procedure will be performed in several phases, each with its separate costs. Therefore, you won’t have to pay the entire amount up front, making it easier to budget for your new smile. Unlike traditional prosthetics, dental implants can last for 30 years or longer with the right maintenance. They’ll pay for themselves because they will never need to be replaced. You can also look forward to lower long-term oral health expenses because you’ll stop common issues associated with tooth loss.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Dental insurance button on keyboard

Most insurance plans won’t cover the entire cost of the treatment, but you can use your benefits to offset the amount you will pay out-of-pocket. After reaching your deductible, your coverage can pay up to 80% of certain steps in your plan, like the consultation, tooth extractions, or restorations. We’ll help you maximize your coverage to keep dental implants in Colleyville within your budget.

Making Dental Implants Affordable

Credit cards and wallet on desk

Besides using your dental insurance, we offer multiple financial accommodations to keep your smile within your budget, such as:

  • Traditional Payments: We accept all forms of traditional payments, including cash, checks, and credit cards.
  • Third-Party Financing: Pay for your dental implants in monthly installments using a third-party financing company, like CareCredit.

If you have questions about paying for dental implants in Colleyville, or you’re ready to schedule your consultation, contact our office today.

Dental Implant FAQs

Diagram of dental implants in Colleyville

If you’re looking for a permanent solution for your missing teeth, look no further than dental implants in Colleyville! Unlike traditional restorations like dentures or dental bridges, dental implants have the potential to offer lifetime tooth replacement. For your convenience, we’ve gathered some common questions about this popular way to replace missing teeth below so you can learn more. If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Am I A Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

No matter how many teeth you’re missing, dental implants can help! To be considered a “good candidate,” we’ll first help you achieve three things:

How Long Does It Take to Get Dental Implants?

Once your dental implant post is inserted into your jawbone, it will begin a process called osseointegration. This is where the titanium post fuses with the surrounding bone tissue in the jaw, essentially becoming a part of you. Osseointegration is a gradual process and its length will depend on factors like your health, how many implants you’re getting, and how well you care for your oral health. In most cases, you’ll be ready for the next step after four to six months of healing. While this is quite some time, the end result is an incredibly functional and comfortable restoration that has the potential to last a lifetime!

What Can I Expect After Dental Implant Surgery?

Your Colleyville dentist will give you specific post-op instructions after your dental implant surgery, and likely a prescription for pain medication as well. It’s normal to experience some slight swelling, bleeding, and discomfort for several days after your procedure. As your mouth heals, you can apply ice packs for 10 minutes at a time and/or take over-the-counter pain medication as directed to help manage your symptoms. While most of these symptoms will take about a week or so to fade, most patients have no difficulty resuming their normal activities the day after their surgery.

How Are Dental Implants Cared for?

Not only do dental implants look, act, and feel like natural teeth—they can be cared for just as easily as well! It’s essential that you continue to practice great oral hygiene to keep the gums and supportive tissues around your dental implant healthy. Thankfully, your newly rebuilt smile can be kept strong and sparkling with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. With the right care, your dental implant can easily last you a lifetime.

You deserve to have a comfortable, confident, and complete smile. To see if dental implants are the right option for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule your consultation today!

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