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Veneers - Colleyville, TX

Making Your Smile Shine Like the Stars

Do you know why so many Hollywood stars appear to have perfect smiles? You’ll be happy to know it is not because of sheer luck. In most cases, it’s because they are wearing veneers. These small, thin coverings are a popular way to hide imperfections and feel more confident about your appearance. This is why Dr. Cassie Allison and her dentistry team invite you to contact our dental office to inquire if you are a qualified candidate for veneers in Colleyville, TX. You should never feel as if the smile of your dreams is out of reach. With this safe and effective cosmetic dentistry solution, you, too, can smile like the stars.

A young woman looking at smile in mirror after receiving veneers in Colleyville

Why Choose Dr. Cassie Allison for Veneers?

What are Veneers?

A digital image of a veneer being placed onto the front surface of a tooth located on the lower arch

Want to get rid of the imperfections plaguing your smile? Veneers are thin, porcelain shell coverings that fit perfectly over the front surface of your teeth. Custom-made based on your ideal color, size, and shape, Dr. Allison will work to dramatically transform your appearance using this single procedure.

Not only will your veneers be durable and more resistant to stains than regular tooth enamel, but with proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy your new smile for a decade or more.

Who is a Good Candidate for Veneers?

A dentist placing veneers on a female patient’s upper front teeth

The idea candidate for veneer placement is someone who has one or more of the following issues:

An initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Colleyville will ensure you are qualified to receive veneers, as you will need to have no evidence of tooth decay or gum disease, as both dental problems can result in your veneers not lasting as long as you prefer.

What is the Process for Receiving Veneers?

A young female with long dark hair wearing a woven hat and polka dot dress and showing off her new smile

Before you can enjoy your transformed smile, Dr. Allison will first examine your teeth to determine which ones will require veneers. It is possible to cover only those that are visible, but if you prefer, you can choose to have veneers placed on all your teeth.

As long as you possess generally good oral health, Dr. Allison will then need to remove a small portion of the enamel from each tooth that will receive a veneer. This process ensures that the veneer will not only lay flat but that the bonding agent will also properly adhere. After taking impressions of your smile, she will send them off to a dental lab where technicians will begin to create your custom-made veneers. Before you leave, you will receive a set of temporary veneers that you will wear until your finalized ones are ready.

Depending on the number of veneers you plan to receive, it can take several weeks or more to receive your permanent veneers. Once they arrive in our dental office, you will return to have your temporary ones removed. Using her artistic eye and skilled hands, Dr. Allison will carefully place each veneer, ensuring it is properly placed and effectively covering the imperfections.

After making final adjustments, she will give your teeth a final polish, and you will be on your way with a healthier, more beautiful smile.

The Benefits of Veneers

When choosing which method of cosmetic dentistry you wish to pursue, you will likely evaluate which service offers the greatest benefits. Depending on your situation, preferences, and timeline, you may choose veneers because:

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

Dental patient holding veneers in Colleyville up to her smile

When you learn how versatile, personalized, and transformative veneers are, it should be no surprise that they tend to have a higher price tag than many other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Keep in mind that even if they seem expensive at first glance, they’re a wonderful investment if you truly wish to smile like your favorite Hollywood stars!

That being said, it’s important to review your options before you commit to any dental treatment, and veneers are no exception. Below, you’ll find some pertinent information regarding the cost of veneers in Colleyville.

Veneers vs. Other Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments: Which One Is Right for Me?

Man in a green shirt smiling in front of a blue background

As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Colleyville, Dr. Allison provides a wide range of services that are designed to enhance your smile and boost your confidence. The treatment that is ideal for you depends not only on the specific flaws you wish to correct, but also on your budget. After all, each service accomplishes something different and comes at a different price point. During your consultation, we can go over this information in detail, but for now, it’s important to consider the cost of some of your cosmetic dentistry options:

  • Clear aligners – Orthodontic solutions like Invisalign and ClearCorrect are great if your main concern is misaligned or crooked teeth. However, these treatments can take a year or more to deliver results, and they can end up costing thousands of dollars. Not to mention, they can only fix the alignment of your teeth, not their size, shape, or color.
  • Cosmetic dental bonding – This option is a quick and affordable way to correct minor imperfections at once, but the results rarely last very long. The procedure will have to be redone every five to ten years at most.
  • Metal-free dental crowns – A dental crown can conceal virtually all of a tooth’s flaws with a lifelike material. Crowns can also qualify for partial insurance coverage in many cases. However, placing a crown requires more enamel to be removed than veneers do, leaving your tooth weaker in the long run.
  • Veneers – While veneers typically cost more than the options listed above, they also provide the most efficient way to completely transform your smile. The treatment process only takes two appointments, they can improve practically every aspect of your teeth, and the results can last for 10-15 years or longer with the right care.

How to Make Veneers Affordable

Cosmetic dentist in Colleyville smiling and holding a pink piggy bank

Even though cosmetic treatments are unlikely to be covered by dental insurance, it never hurts to make sure! We can take a look at your plan and make sure you aren’t missing out on any benefits you’re entitled to. Our team members have decades of combined experience in helping patients maximize their insurance coverage and minimizing their out-of-pocket costs.

Ultimately, the best way to learn how much you can expect to pay for veneers in Colleyville is to schedule a consultation. We’ll go over your specific circumstances and come up with a solution to revamp your smile without breaking the bank!

Veneers Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about veneers in Colleyville

If you want to drastically enhance your smile, veneers in Colleyville may be the solution for you. We understand it’s a big decision, which is why Dr. Allison will explain everything during your veneer consultation. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions to ease any apprehensions.

Are veneers permanent?

Unfortunately, veneers aren’t permanent, but they aren’t reversible, either. A small amount of enamel must be removed to bond your veneers to your teeth. Since your enamel can’t regenerate, your teeth will be vulnerable if they aren’t covered by restorations, like veneers or crowns. Although your veneers won’t last forever, you can go a decade or longer without needing to have them replaced. They might be thin, but veneers can last for more than 10 years with a commitment to your oral hygiene at home and routine visits with your dentist.

How many veneers will I need?

A veneer can be bonded to a single tooth, such as to fix a chip or crack; however, your cosmetic dentist in Colleyville, Dr. Allison, will recommend more than one. The overall goal of the procedure is to transform the appearance of your teeth most visible when smiling. Since every mouth is unique, there isn’t any way to determine how many you’ll need without first examining your smile. Some patients may only need 4 to 6, while other patients can require 8 to 12.

Do veneers feel like real teeth?

Dr. Allison uses advanced technology to ensure your veneers fit your teeth like a glove. Removing some enamel ensures there won’t be any uncomfortable ledges. Since porcelain closely mimics your enamel, your teeth will feel smooth and sleek. Many patients report their restorations to feel completely natural. After just a few days, you may even forget they are there.

Can I use my dental insurance to pay for veneers?

Every insurance policy differs, but it is rare for a dental plan to cover the cost of veneers because they are elective. Certain situations can make your procedure necessary for your dental health, such as when needing replacements to prevent decay under a veneer. As a result, you may be able to use your annual benefits to offset the amount you’ll pay out-of-pocket. We will work on your behalf with your dental insurance to maximize any applicable benefits.

How can I reduce the cost of veneers?

You can expect there to be out-of-pocket expenses when revamping your smile, but we offer several options to keep a beautiful smile within your budget. Besides using your dental insurance, we also accept traditional payment methods, including cash, checks, and credit cards. We also work with third-party financing. You can pay for your smile using monthly installments based on your credit approval. Although veneers may cost more than other procedures, they can be the most affordable, too. Veneers resolve several problems at once, so you won’t have to pay for multiple procedures. We will help you find the solutions you need to achieve the smile of your dreams.